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A petite female. Origin: a woman small enough that she can be spun around while on top of a man during. Small, petite women may be referred to as 'spinners'. The term likely arises from the possibility that they can be spun around on top of a guy while having sex.

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By Samujar - 00:24
A spinner girl is a small petite girl usually under a lbs and is a term in the porn industry to describe a type of girl.
By Mitilar - 17:27
This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of spinner is. that she can be spun around while on top of a man during sex.
By Tuzragore - 11:30
The slang word / acronym / abbreviation SPINNER means . Internet Slang. A list of SPINNER Means. The definition of SPINNER is "Small woman who can spin on a penis" NYMPHO, Nymphomaniac, woman addicted to sex. · OLD BAG.
By Goltiktilar - 06:04
Here's a definition I found in a dictionary of Kiwi slang: spinner: that in slang it has a strong sexual meaning (he didn't say which.. we all had.
By Mesar - 22:55
I know that it show a sexual connotation, but I haven't found it here. Por lo general, 'take for a spin' tiene que ver con manejar un coche, pero . typically a car, a trial run), so by definition (of a euphemism) it isn't vulgar.

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