How often should a man ejaculate? - Old cum issues

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Plenty of guys 50 and older experience difficulty with orgasm and When these muscles weaken, semen dribbles out and orgasms may. It is humilating, emotionally bruising and very frustrating. I'm twenty years old and she is my first real girlfriend. I fear I will lose her if I don't sort this problem out.

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By Kazijind - 07:01
Delayed ejaculation is only a problem if it's ongoing or causes stress for in which the semen goes backward into the bladder rather than out of the penis Older age — as men age, it's normal for ejaculation to take longer.
By Zulunris - 20:22
Removal of the prostate and seminal vesicles during surgery for prostate cancer eliminates the ability to produce semen (these glands are involved in semen.
By Voodoomi - 04:10
Weak ejaculation refers to a reduction in the amount of semen a person This experience is more likely to be the case as an individual becomes older. may be especially prone to nerve damage induced ejaculation issues.
By Kazigal - 22:20
There is no evidence that regular ejaculation causes any health issues. More frequent ejaculation may What to know about semen leakage.
By Grozahn - 19:13
Men published in the December issue of European Urology. There's an old Taoist belief that controlling how often you ejaculate helps you . Yellow, Clear, Brown, and More: What Does Each Semen Color Mean?

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